Police Checks

Why Should Police Checks be Included in Background Checks

Companies are continuously on the lookout for new employees to fill jobs that have become vacant as a result of promotions or attrition, or to fill a new position entirely. When seemingly good employees go rogue, many organizations have realized the value of a thorough background criminal check. A criminal background check on a candidate is critical for the company’s and its other employees’ safety.

Making sure the company isn’t recruiting fraudsters, embezzlers, rapists, or anyone else who has been charged with a serious crime could save everyone a lot of time and money in the long run. A criminal background check is a precautionary action taken by businesses to protect themselves and their personnel. The following are the top five reasons why you should undertake a police check before employment:

Maintain the company’s culture

Because people are a company’s most valuable asset, morale and engagement must be cultivated! All employees, both potential and existing, should be aware of the company’s principles and how they fit into that culture. By completing a police check VIC, an organization shows potential employees that it values the safety of its employees and that it does not allow just anyone to pass through its doors.

police check VIC

Recruiting and retaining top talent

If a firm wants to build a high-performing team, it must find and keep the proper people. A strict screening process demonstrates that a company is serious about recruitment – they don’t waste time! This is comforting to potential employees since it suggests they will be working in a fast-paced, high-energy atmosphere.

Maintain reputation

Damage to a company’s reputation can have disastrous effects. People want to know that they are safe at work and that they are working for a firm that values and maintains its brand. Conducting police checks can assist a corporation in reducing risk and spotting and avoiding potential internal crime chances.

Protect data and assets


Data has become one of the most significant assets for many businesses in the digital age. People generally have easy access to company and client data once they are inside an organization. Businesses bear a significant amount of responsibility for data security. A breach is considerably more significant now that the Australian government’s Notifiable Data Breaches scheme takes effect in 2018.

Recruiting and training new staff is a time-consuming and costly process. For both economic and cultural reasons, it is critical for a corporation to select the best candidate for a position. According to several studies, the expenses of replacing and training an employee can run anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to two times the individual’s yearly income. It’s not only about the money when it comes to promoting, interviewing, screening, employing, and onboarding a new employee.


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