Apparatus made up of glass are considered best for experiments and inhalations. Percolators are a type of glass bong. It is also called a “water pipe” because water is present in the tube. It is used to diffuse cannabis smoke which simplifies the process of inhalation. They are the most crucial element in the long-time staple culture of weeds. Percolators make a massive difference in the inhalation process. Thus, you can get an exclusive smoking experience with Percolator Bongs. They are also known as Perc Bongs.

Structure & Working of Percolator Bongs

The overall look of percolators looks complicated, but their structure is quite simple. Percolators are made up of a small glass contraption acting as a filter through which water or smoke passes. They are located either at the base or the tube of the bong. During the inhalation process, the smoke diffuses into a ton of bubbles. This makes a classic ripping sound. The surface area is increased due to the presence of bubbles.

Commonly Used Percolators

The most common types of percolators used are-

  • Tree Percolators– These are made up of multiple rods connected with the central tube on the top position. These rods resemble the limbs of a tree. The air comes from the top-positioned central tube and travels down through the rods, fixed at the bottom by diffusing bubbles into the bong. A tree percolator is easiest to recognize due to its unique design. The increased number of rods provides better filtration of the diffused weed. However, it is a bit delicate compared to the other perc types. That’s why it is better to use borosilicate glass for its construction.

beaker bong options

  • Inline– It has a straightforward structure. It consists of a horizontal tube containing several slits. The higher the number of slits, the higher the percolation rate within the bong. These percolators are located at the base of the bong.
  • Showerhead– As the name suggests, this percolator looks like a showerhead. The holes or slits are present at the bottom of the vertical tube. This structure flares out and pulls the smoke into separate diffusion chambers above the water in the base. The showerhead perc is located in the neck of the bong. It is shaped like a beaker.


Shopping for percolator bongs depends on the personal experience of the user. The beginners can take guidance from the convenience store or a regular user of percolators. The selection of perc depends on the lifestyle of the user. It is manufactured to provide the best experience with the weed without any hassle.