AI email assistant for freight brokers

An Artificial intelligence email assistant is a program that you may apply to your inboxes to help you respond to critical communications quickly. Many of us, particularly in the air transport sector, are inundated with emails. Whenever you receive a large number of quotation inquiries or monitoring updates together at once, becomes very daunting. An artificial intelligence email assistant may aid you in sorting through your messages and ensuring that their most critical ones are dealt with first. Structurely can help you with the right email assistant. Let us learn about it in detail.

An artificial intelligence system will answer almost all your critical emails in a manner that makes it appear as though you replied to the communication yourself. It enables you to give a greater efficient and appropriate client experience. It will also enable you to earn extra cash. You may utilize artificial intelligence to make certain you’re responding to all quotation inquiries that come in. Any request that potential new client is promptly responded to with an estimate. It may also ensure that an existing client receives a quotation promptly, preventing them from going to a rival.

An ai email assistant ensures that the entire bunch of critical emails is answered. It will use NLP to retrieve the necessary details from the message. It also sends your customer an email with the information they require. Artificial intelligence email helpers help your company expand much more quickly. Your staffs are no longer fully inundated with messages. Choosing which ones are more significant to your business might be difficult. It’s tough for an operational assistant at a freight company to avoid becoming swamped by incoming email communications. At certain times, it appears as if each email is vital. You get stuck in a rut of juggling. So the AI email assistant helps you in such situations.

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