As well as being effective indoors, mosquito-repellent gels, lotions, essential oils, creams, and wipes also tend to protect you effectively from the elements. To ensure maximum protection when walking by the lake, in the park, or in your garden, apply the bug repellent ointment ahead of time. Because of the пръскане срещу комари concentrated chemicals in bug sprays, it is highly effective in preventing and killing invading fleas, including mosquitoes. Spray it around the house where mosquitoes are abundant.

The mosquitoes would be killed instantly, just like other bug sprays. A mosquito bite transmits the deadly disease malaria, which causes fever, fatigue, and headaches. Although it can be cured, nearly 230 million malaria cases were reported in 2019 alone to kill mosquitoes. As opposed to mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent provides an instant solution by removing mosquitoes and other bugs that may bother you. In addition to using mats, bednets, liquid vaporisers, and mosquito coils as personal protective measures, mosquito-borne infections can also be reduced.

In addition to being able to use personal protective measures in any way you like, mosquito repellent can also be synthetic or natural. It is, therefore, best to sleep under an Insecticide-Treated Net if you are allergic or sensitive to insecticides, lotions or gels. It is possible for Mosquito Repellents to have some disadvantages depending on your area, space, environment, the age of your family, and their sensitivity. Mosquitoes and bug repellents use active insecticides that kill airborne insects.

пръскане срещу бълхи

There are some other risks associated with mosquito repellent measures listed below. You are more or less likely to be affected by the chemicals. Inhaling or contacting synthetically manufactured mosquito repellents can cause serious to mild health problems if consumed inhaled or contacted. Some dangerous chemicals in vaporiser liquids fill the room with a powerful fragrance when they are vaporised. You may experience breathing difficulties, respiratory problems, dizziness, stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, skin infections, and so on if you stay inside the room for a long period of time.

One of the limitations of using mosquito repellent is its short-term effect. If you are going to bed, you should look for an alternative to mosquito repellent because gels, lotions, and creams only work for a few hours, after which you need to reapply them. However, the downside of chemical-based mosquito repellents is that too much exposure to them can make your skin toxic. You are better off using natural compounds that cause minimal or no adverse reactions. Coils can cause breathing problems and allergies when burned indoors and last 7 to 12 hours.