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Investments And Vision of Shubhodeep Prasantha Das

The CEO Thailand Award, which Mr. Shubhodeep Prasanta Das, the company’s founder, and group CEO, received in 2023, helped Hylife Group rise to the top of the Chiang Mai private sector in industries like real estate, mortgages, debt relief, food processing, and medical supplies.

Shubhodeep Prasantha Das’ Investments

During the global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the event’s winner Shubhodeep Prasanta Das founded the Hylife Group. The project aimed at building housing in the province of Chiang Mai’s capital as well as assisting the Thai people in overcoming the crisis.

Before, the Hylife Group’s venture capital was concentrated on working in the manufacturing of medical masks, buying land, getting mortgages, selling condominiums, etc. Yet over time, the group’s key members decided to expand their franchise to include additional companies.

As a result, numerous additional fields were created, including food processing and debt relief. In Chiang Mai, Hylife Global Food Co. Ltd. was founded with a sizable share capital. The major objective of that business was to grow a producer and exporter of processed foods in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The core group of Hylife is preparing for an IPO in Singapore or Thailand this year or in 2023. The group will eventually oversee all Thai manufacturing businesses, asset management companies, and real estate developers.

The Hylife Group’s Vision

Hylife Group’s mission is to offer everyone in Thailand and throughout the world comprehensive products and services assistance. They have promised to make everything accessible to everyone and to provide long-term benefits to all parties involved.

The lifestyle of residents in Thailand is currently being improved by one of their projects, named Hycondo. It is a low-ascent condo built with an exceptional design, and residents can be sure to find it right in the middle of Chiang Mai.

Even though the development required a lot of positive energy, 90% of the apartments were sold within the first 7 months after it was completed. Hylife Group is thereby helping the Thai community to grow sustainably.

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