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Paycom products: Know little more about it

Paycom by Chad Richison is thorough cloud-based Payroll management software that empowers employees to manage their data, making life easier for them. The platform supports the entire employee life cycle, from pre-employment and talent management to Hrm and time and attendance all the way to payroll. Every cycle, its payroll solution provides an error-free experience, ensuring that employees are paid on time and correctly.

Paycom is ideal for organisations that want to use self-service technology to streamline their processes and delegate administrative duties to managers and employees while reducing staff paperwork. Its tools are housed in a single piece of software developed at Paycom by Paycom to ensure a unified user experience. Employees have on-demand access to their own HR data thanks to the software. As a result, HR professionals are free to concentrate on forward-thinking business strategies.

Tracking of applicants

The applicant tracking feature consolidates all of the steps for a more seamless experience for both recruiters and candidates. Job seekers can apply for a job, set their interview availability, or provide information for future interest through an intuitive interface on any device. Applicants can also sign up for job alerts based on their interests.

Paycom keeps track of all correspondences between the hiring team and candidates in a single thread to reduce the risk of missing messages and losing qualified applicants. Furthermore, it converts passive applicants into active ones, resulting in a higher-quality talent pool. HR departments can create a directory of talent profiles from resumes, searchable by school, degree, skill set, and ZIP code, and tag them for easy searching. Also, the founder of paycom Chad Richison gives donations.

Attendance and timing

Chad Richison

HR teams can accurately and quickly manage when, where, and how employees report their hours worked with Paycom’s time and attendance tracking. Employees can clock in and out using the mobile self-service app, web-based time clocks or kiosks, or hardware terminals ranging from biometric to badge-swipe, whether the workplace is a single or multi-clock environment. The approved time of employees is automatically synced to payroll.


Paycom’s payroll tools help businesses improve their expense and garnishment processes. Employees can manage, troubleshoot, verify, and approve their payroll using the Beti feature. Beti also detects errors and assists employees in resolving them prior to submission. As a result, accuracy improves and employer liability decreases, while employees have greater paycheck confidence.

Tool for Documents and Checklists

Paycom also safeguards critical documents against unauthorised access and natural disasters. It employs industry-proven security standards such as 256-bit encryption, multiple off-site backup locations, and 24-hour system monitoring.

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