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Who is the Door-to-Door Vendor?

Door – to-door selling is a fairly effective selling technique because the seller goes directly to the buyer’s home and the buyer has the opportunity to touch the product and try it out. The door-to-door vendor or door-to-door vendor we all have in mind is the lord of the goblin or of cosmetic products; however, this type of trade can also be applied to the most diverse products. Learn more from Smart Circle.

The requirements of the door-to-door seller

To carry out door-to-door sales, and more generally the activity of trade , some requirements are necessary. Therefore, subjects who:

  • are declared bankrupt , up to the closing date of the bankruptcy;
  • have received a conviction for a crime for which a sentence of not less than three years has been established;
  • have received a belief for obtaining looted goods, deceitful ruin, fraudulent insolvency, usury, extortion, robbery, frauds against hygiene and municipal health;
  • have been sentenced of frauds of fraud in the preparation or trade of food.

In these cases, there is a ban on the exercise of commercial activities at least for the following five years from when the sentence was served.

door-to-door seller

The framing of home sales

The seller, first of all, does not fall within the framework of commercial agents or business procurers and normally acts without a bond of subordination towards the agent company. For this reason, door-to-door selling is considered a particular form of retailing of goods and services. Furthermore, in general, unless authorized in writing, it does not have the right to collect the consideration, make discounts or any deferrals and market segments.

How the door-to-door salesman earns

The remuneration of the seller who has no subordination bond with the company takes place through commissions on concluded deals. Therefore, the greater the business value brought by the seller, the greater the compensation he will be entitled to.

The door-to-door salesman’s tax management

From a tax point of view, it is very important to see how the seller’s income tax is determined depending on his or her status as an occasional or professional seller. Furthermore, its classification has consequences in terms of VAT.

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