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Everything The Family Must Know About Disability Support Services

Being disabled or having a family who has these incapacities can be a huge challenge. The family needs to make sure that they have someone taking care of their loved one while they go and work to earn and keep the family afloat. People with disabilities usually have special needs. Families who have the budget hire a carer or disability support services. But if you are from Australia, you might qualify for NDIS. If you want to know more about disability support services, then read on.

What is NDIS?

disability support services

If you have a disability or you are taking care of someone who does, you may qualify for publicly financed services called “NDIS.” The NDIS has helped and is continuing to support Australians who have permanent or severe disabilities. The Australian Government and states territories are the ones that fund and manage the NDIS. This program has replaced the state and territory disability services.

NDIS Eligibility

So, does everyone gets help from the Australian government as long as they have a disability? There is what they call eligibility for NDIS. Remember that ‘disability’ can mean a lot of different things. You will have to meet some requirements to receive government support. In order to be eligible for NDIS services, the person applying for the support will need to be between 7 and 65 years old, the person lives in Australia, and have an Australian residency.

The individual will then be assessed to prove that they usually need another person’s assistance with day-to-day activities due to a permanent and significant disability. Also, if the person uses special equipment due to a permanent and significant disability, they will qualify to receive financial support from the NDIS program.

How NDIS Supports People With Disabilities

When all the criteria mentioned above are met, they then will be eligible to apply for NDIS support. The carer can be private caregivers or family members. The NDIS will then provide the fund needed by the disabled individual to pay for the essentials and the support from the caregiver.

Who Manages The Funds?

The NDIS participant can manage their own money. But most of the time, they, or the family member chooses someone who can decide for them. With a participant plan, you are in charge of your own money. The NDIS makes sure that they connect with people with disabilities, their families, and their caregivers in order to monitor how the funds are managed.

Receiving financial support from the government is such a huge help for those who have permanent disabilities, as well as their families. You have to remember that even with a disability, it should not stop you from living the life that you deserve. And having a support system is a great help.

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