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Features of maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. They can be used extremely flexibly and, depending on the design and combination with other items of clothing and accessories, fit on many different occasions . Maxi-length dresses are usually cut relatively wide and thus ensure a casual look. They play around feminine curves and at the same time help to cover up problem areas.If you prefer a figure-hugging look, maxi dresses can be worn with a slim belt to highlight your waistline.

Purchase aspects

When choosing a Hello Molly sun dresses, you should pay attention to a suitable fabric . In addition, the cut , the design of the straps and sleeves as well as the color design play an important role in the purchase.

You should choose the fabric according to its wearing comfort and also take into account the occasion for which you want to wear the dress. This is especially true because every fabric has a different look and feel.

Hello Molly sun dresses

Jersey dress

  • Mixed fabric made from different fibers
  • Mostly made of viscose, cotton or silk
  • Usually has a slight elasticity
  • Breathable, high wearing comfort


  • Natural product
  • Pleasant skin feeling even at high temperatures
  • Wrinkles easily, high ironing effort

Chiffon dress

  • Particularly festive and elegant
  • Ideal for evening wear
  • Often processed in several layers

If you want to combine your maxi dress in a festive way, it is best to choose a maxi evening dress made of chiffon or lace. A simple, single-colored model looks elegant, which you can turn into a real eye-catcher with matching jewelry.

For a casual everyday look or a relaxed summer outfit, however, airy jersey dresses or dresses made of linen are suitable. As an alternative, maxi skirts are a great choice for a nice summer look .

Model variations

Maxi dresses also differ in their design through colors and different cuts.

Cut : An important aspect is the right length,  the dress should be as long as possible , but not touch the ground . Always consider which shoes you want to wear with your maxi dress and how high they are. In general, a maxi dress should not end above the ankle , but cover it. Maxi dresses can be real figure flatterers: Tight-fitting versions are particularly suitable for slim women who want to emphasize their figure . Strong women can use wide dresses to hide problem areas.

Straps and sleeves : As for the carriers, you have a wide choice between:

  • Normal, wide straps
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Halters
  • Strapless models

Variants of different lengths are available for the sleeves. When it comes to the shape of the straps and the design of the sleeves, consider which design emphasizes or conceals the right parts of the body.

Colors and patterns

Maxi dresses are particularly variable and are available in many different colors and patterns. In addition to plain-colored models, designs with animal or ethnic prints as well as striped or checked dresses are popular.

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