Dab rigs are pipes designed to vaporize cannabis concentrates, also known as dabs. They’re fitted with an attachment that typically takes the form of a nail made of glass or titanium. A flame heats this to vaporize material for inhalation.


This post offers some helpful suggestions on what to consider before buying your first custom dab rigs. We’ll discuss different types, accessories, and materials you should look for when picking one out and the differences between vaporization techniques that you can use with it — all from the point of view of someone who has been doing this for years! You’ll find photos and video links, too.


There are more than a few different types of dab rigs (also called oil rigs or bangers), but we’ll only be concerned with the most common ones made for home use. These include water pipes, bubblers, and a few other variations. The main thing to remember is that they’re designed to smoke dabs, so they tend to be smaller than what you’d typically see used with flower or dry herbs. Those who like larger bongs will usually use an old-fashioned glass bong with a nail instead.


As far as materials go, you’ll find vapor rigs made from a wide variety of glass. Most are created with borosilicate glass, which is known for being extremely strong and heat resistant. This makes it a good choice for dab rigs since the material can hold up under the repeated high-heat stresses that come with dabs.


Some small pieces of glass can be used in this fashion, so choose a rig made from large-scale pieces of glass. The fewer seams on your rig’s construction, the better off you’ll be in the long run, as these can give rise to breakage over time.


It’s also worth mentioning that some rigs are made from other materials, including metal and acrylic. You can find great options made from titanium, quartz, and ceramic. These can be great choices if you prefer your dab rigs to have a unique look or feel.

dab rig


That said, you’ll be best served by sticking with a classic glass if you’re still deciding to choose a material to work with. This is because glass allows for easier cleaning and less worry about toxic fumes that may be produced during the heating process (with titanium and quartz nails).


In conclusion, you should always go for a bigger rig if you regularly smoke dabs. If this isn’t in the cards for you, consider using an oil rig that’s intended for dabbing and some glass attachment.


You’ll be able to find all of these online or at your local headshop. This is not a specialized piece, though it’s made from quartz instead of glass like the previous models are. You may also come across oil rigs made from ceramic and other materials, but those aren’t typically made for home use due to the fragility they tend to present (because they’re breakable).