When you have an additional cat in your home, you have at least prepared yourself and have the necessities for your cat. These are the lists you need to have when you have a pet cat, especially when your first time taking a cat. You can buy all your cat’s basic needs at   https://www.petstock.com.au/cat as they have everything you need.

Cat food

You can ask a veterinarian what type of food is best for your cat, or you can buy a certain amount and consult your veterinarian. After you have found a good quality of cat food, ideal for the cat’s age, you can then stock up that type of cat food and offer it to them every day.

Water and food bowls

You have to find a shallow and wide dish for your cat’s water and food. It must drink fresh water and food. Some cats like to use a glass dish over a plastic one. You can give them different styles of bowls of water where they can drink water. When your cat is part of the household, you must have a feeding station. The food and water stations must be located, and the litter boxes must be in a different house.

cat supplies

Scratching post

Scratching is already the nature of the cats, and you must buy a post. And you won’t like it when they start to scratch your walls, and it can destroy the paint. There are different scratching posts that you can have. It could be cardboard boxes, cat trees, and poles. It will matter what kind of posts you like for your cats. The placement of the scratchers is also necessary on where you have to place it. Most of the time, cats are scratching or stretching when they wake up, so you better have one post near where they are sleeping. It would help if you planned to place your scratching posts to be familiar with them.

Litter box

It is the basic need when you have a cat. The litter box is there defecation and urination. The ideal size that you have to buy is one size bigger. When the litter box is more significant, it needs enough room to scratch, turn and eliminate. Totes or low storage bins are ideal for making litter boxes. Most of it is made of plastic which it is easier to pick up odors.

Litter scooper

It is ideal to use a scooper when you have a litter box. It is to clean out the urine balls and feces every day. It is best that you invest in those metal scoops compared to plastics because it is sturdy to use. The waste material of your cat has to be collected every day from the litter boxes, and you can put it in the trash bag.