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Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Things You Need To Know

Choosing a bridesmaid is a tall order. Being a bridesmaid is a joy, an honor and a responsibility. A bridesmaid is the one who will accompany you to the altar, she will be your shoulder in the preparation of the wedding, the witty organizer of your bachelorette party. Of course there is also the choice of the bridesmaids’ dress to think about, as if it were not enough to fumble about your wedding dress and all its details and accessories.

But here we are to your rescue with some advice for choosing the right dress code for the bridesmaids, which will not displease anyone, which makes them shine, but not as much as you, who follow the rules of bon ton. Take note shop bridesmaid dresses.

The style of the bridesmaids dress in line with the wedding theme

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The golden rule for bridesmaids is not to deviate from the bride’s style . In fact, a bridesmaid is her handmaid, so no pants if the bride is in a princess-style dress, no slipped one-shoulder dress if the bride is rock.

The style of the dress must be in line with the style of the wedding , be it vintage, romantic, country chic, easy or refined. At the same time it must match the place of the ceremony and the time of year in which the wedding is celebrated.

The length of the bridesmaids’ dress in wedding etiquette

The bridesmaids originally wore only long formal dresses. It is thought that this tradition stemmed from their role of protecting the bride. In fact, it seems that the bridesmaids had the very important role of distracting the demons from the bride, wearing similar dresses and surrounding her on her way to the groom.

Today this is no longer the case, of course. The bridesmaids’ dresses can be less demanding, adapting to the reception venue and time of the celebrations. A wedding that takes place during the day can allow for a short dress , just above or below the knee, an evening wedding instead requires a long and elegant outfit.

Models and colors: all the same or all different bridesmaids?

Given that the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses can be in all possible shades, excluding black and white, the dress code can be chosen according to a single, fundamental rule of courtesy: the bridesmaids must feel comfortable in their dress , even if you always have the last word, especially if you pay it for them. Let’s see what the alternatives are and how to move:

Same model, different colors . A more fun choice to distinguish the bridesmaids for their personal style is to adapt the model, leaving free choice on the color, or deciding on different shades and shades to create a wow effect. This choice allows you to work on color to compensate for the need to wear a model that highlights some physical defect.

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